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Dora Lewis
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Welcome to my blog, SELGF!

Welcome to my blog, SELGF!

Yes, I know. . SELGF, pronounced ‘self’, is an acronym for Sacred Eternal Life-Giving Force. It’s the you with and in you.

I’m Chanel and I’m all for good conversation so feel free to visit often.

In coming conversations I will tell you why this odd-looking name has led me to care to talk to you about the importance of selfishness in a way much different than you think. I’m your typical college grad, worked in Corporate Finance for some years then had life interrupt continuously until I surrendered to making sense of my gifts a.k.a ways to express them through simple mediums. As you can see (or if you didn’t see) from my homepage: Music, movement, and a book coming soon are those things… and all this started with a thought in the shower years ago!

OOHHH but still waters run deep!

You’ll want to stick around if

  • You like conversations about life! I will share insights and epiphanies that have either allowed me to create something wonderful or helped me to recover from one of life’s swift, Tasmanian kicks to the forehead.
  • Tools! Not the handyman kind, but mental and physiological ones that keep me sane. Maybe they can be of assistance to you. A guru will call them tools that manage energy, a corporation will call them tools that manage stress.
  • My art! Music, dance fitness classes I  teach and performances I have.

Never hesitate to leave a comment on every post and share your ideas – You’re more than welcome.

Can’t wait to see you share your ideas

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